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Rasina d.o.o. (limited liability company) started out as a trading company in 1995.

In the course of time, we garnered new experiences, conquered new skills and expanded our business to launch the production of rotary cam switches under a license of Polish producer Apator, which once made parts for Croatia's Končar. Considering that rotary cam switchers we manufacture have identical dimension and characteristics as those of Končar, we have thereby facilitated clients to replace their old and damaged switches without any need for adaptation.

We have continued to grow introducing new products to our portfolio and becoming the representative of Apator also for fuse bases, isolating switch disconnectors and fuse switch disconnectors. The entire range of products is available in our storage facility.

With the expansion of the workshop, we have endorsed new skills and knowledge relating to fiberglass reinforced polyester cabinets, becoming a partner of Polish company Emiter, a renowned producer and one of the biggest suppliers of European companies. Initially, we were only selling cabinets, but soon our workshop launched the assembly of cabinets from the parts imported from Emiter. With the growing need to adapt to the local market requirements, we shortly started to produce cabinet parts, thereby earning the status of a local producer, which gives us a special position and power in the market.  

Having relocated to a new production plant in Mali Požarevac in the outskirts of Belgrade, we have expanded our production range to include several more parts for cabinet assembly. Thereby we will fully adjust polyester cabinets to the requirements of local electricity companies for electricity metering.

Throughout the company growth and along with the sale of ready-to-use equipment and electric cabinets, the workshop for cabinet wiring and layout has been upgrading its operation in the field of low voltage (automation and controlling) and medium voltage cabinets. Our workshop has manufactured a large quantity of cabinets for water supply systems, heating substations and pharmaceutical industry - from simple cabinets for gas pump regulation to complex PLC (programmable logic controller) control cabinets with several thousand inputs/outputs, high performance frequency drives and reactive power compensation cabinets. Further, cabinets for electricity metering are usually fully tailor-made, which is among the workshop’s special achievements.

Due to an increased market demand and growth of the workshop for cabinet wiring and layout, the need arose for partnering up with producers of disconnecting devices and safety equipment. Hence, we became the official distributor and electrical control panel builder of the company Eaton, former Moeller. We also offer the portfolio of this renowned producer.
Cabinets manufactured in our workshop have been installed in many important facilities, embassies included. This is yet another proof of our quality performance and reputation we have earned with clients, which we take special pride in.

Thanks to our professional approach to every undertaking and business contacts we cherish with partners and clients, we have also became an important trading company supplying a number of public companies and small workshops.  






RASINA d.o.o.
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