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Charger for electric vehicles

Following the market demands and current trends we have supplemented our product range with chargers and cells for electric vehicles, in polyester housings or of plated steel sheet, with possibility mounting on a wall, on a pole, or as freestanding.

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Freestanding cabinets

The cabinet construction is made made of steel profiles, and the sides and doors cold rolled steel sheet, 1.5-2mm thick, chemically treated and coated with structural paint in shades according to DIN RAL 7035-EP, applying and baking polyester powder at 200 ° C. The mounting plate is made of galvanized sheet steel thickness 2.0mm as well as additional components for mounting. The cabinet is mounted on steel stand up to 100mm high. Closing the door is a lock with a lock in two or three points. In addition to the standard dimensions in we are able to make cabinets at the request of the client. Optionally, cabinets can be fitted side profiles and a set of nails that allow the equipment to be moved by height and depth.

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Measured distribution cabinets -MRO

They are made of cold rolled steel sheet, plastic coated in shades RAL 7035EP. They are produced both individually installation of MRO-1 to MRO-4, and for collective building of MRO-6 to MRO-63, with different internal arrangement in accordance with the technical requirements of EPS. MRO Delivered complete set with switch, rail distribution (u collective building cabinets), with regular terminals, with glands, with or without choice limiters and measuring devices

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are made in 3 models: BASIC, STANDARD and MODULE.

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Typical switchboards

They are made of cold rolled 1.2-1.5mm thick sheet steel depending on the cabinet dimension. Anti-corrosion protection was applied performed by the electrostatic method of applying polyester powder in shades according to DIN RAL 7035EP, which gives high durability and resistance as well as great visual appearance. They are made in the degree of protection IP65 in a wide range of dimensions, from 250x250mm to 1200x1200mm (WxH), depths of 200, 250 and 300mm in depending on the size of the cabinet. They come with a built-in galvanized mounting plate steel sheet thickness 2,0mm. There are two on the door steel "U" mounting profile equipment and door reinforcement.








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